A Lifetime of Accomplishment

Members of Ironworkers Local 229 share a common bond, whether they are just beginning their careers as apprentices, perfecting their craft as journeymen or looking back with pride as retirees.

Apprentices benefit from the training and career preparation that Local 229 provides.

Journeymen secure work assignments through Local 229’s contractors, sharpen their skills through upgrade training and care for their families through a generous benefits program.

Journeymen Upgrade Training available at the New Training Facility–Check the link or the calendar for schedule of classes.

Retirees depend on union pensions and benefits to reward them for their years of service.

Ironworker members at all three career stages also help shape public policy on issues important to working families by volunteering to get involved in the political process through Local 229 initiatives.

If you’re working as a non-union ironworker and would like to enjoy the many benefits union membership provides, contact the Hall.